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The trade union movement represents ALL working people, regardless of their sex, race, religious belief, sexuality or disability.

The group was set up by gay and lesbian firefighters who are 'out' in the workplace and felt they were in a position to help others within the UK fire service. Within the group's ten year existence, we have achieved official recognition with the FBU, as well as representing the FBU in forums which were once untouched. We also have an extensive network to support and advise (LGBT) lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual members (firefighters, officers and control staff) who may feel isolated or harassed.

The group is run on a strictly confidential basis and accepts the rules, constitution and democracy of the Fire Brigades Union.

Our Main Aims Are;-

  • Ensuring lgbt members have a voice within the FBU, and making sure we are not left out in equality issues at Brigade, Regional and National Level.
  • Providing support to lgbt members in ALL regions of the FBU.Identifying and dealing with any issues/problems faced by our members.
  • Providing members with the opportunity to talk/meet with other members.
  • Distribute information concerning lgbt issues to members.

What's New

Read about the FBU LGBT committee's involvement in Pride this year. Click here

Stewart Brown reports from a recent conference addressing some important questions for LGBT activists. Click here

G&L School 2011: This year is the 12th G&L School will be held at Wortley hall, Sheffield. Please come along and learn/network, with other LGBT FRS/FBU members. Click here:

Pride 2011: Get involved in Pride events across the country. For info on what’s going on near you, click here:


Stewart Brown, G&L Executive Council Member "All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law."

Stewart Brown, G&L Executive Council Member
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